Advances in Technology, for Better or Worse

In the year 2035 I see myself scanning my fingertips for a print in front of my house in order to unlock the door. I think cell phones will be able to project images creating holograms right in the palm of your hand. 3-D movies will be a thing of the past because now home entertainment systems will allow you to not only watch TV but also feel the elements that are on screen, like a cool breeze or the smell of a hot plate of food. Maybe our eyes will even be scanned constantly for various reasons like in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report.

Technology has the chance to make the world a very efficient and practical place; however there could be problems with all this technology. Surgery could become so progressed that someone could get a face change to look like another person. Since by the year 2035 information will most likely all be kept on computers, one good hacker could find someone’s information and completely steal their identity, looks, information, and all. I also fear a world where people communicate to someone sitting next to them through a screen, or that the world will be completely obese and lazy like in Disney’s Wall-e.

One major thing I think the advances in technology could affect in the world of mass communications is advertising. According to an interview called, Advertising and the End of the World, with Professor Sut Jhally, many years ago NBC news covered a story that people wanted to put advertisements in the sky that appeared half the size of the moon from earth. This has not happened yet, but in the year 2035 I bet while flying across the country instead of looking out the window at the beautiful landscape laid out below, people’s attention will be drawn to ads in the sky. Ads will probably fill up what once was that beautiful landscape as well.

Radio will all be satellite radio, if there is still any radio at all. Many people enjoy satellite radio because of the lack of censorship. It also provides a variety of stations. While in a car a person can access any genre of music on multiple channels, like comedy performances, religious pieces, sports or political talk, and many others. Regular radio offers some of these types of channels, but of the ones that do offer it, it is a much more limited number of choices within a genre.

Because the Internet allows information to travel so fast I believe news companies like The New York Times or The Washington Post will have offices functioning 24/7. Journalists are already working at all hours of the day in today’s world but I think the information will be given out at all hours of the day as well. All news will definitely be online by this time so instead of having a daily newspaper published at one time (even online); I believe stories will constantly be published online. People will take the news as it comes instead of doing habits like reading one paper each morning.

We live in a world where changes are constantly being made to better our society. As time goes on, each person will have to decide for them self whether all these changes and advances in technology are to put it simply, good or bad. The person who can change their face and take someone else’s identity to take their money will most likely enjoy these technological advances, but I’m sure the person who’s identity was stolen will not feel the same way.


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