Media is Taking Over!

One of the best parts about attending class for me, aside from learning of course, is the walk back to my dorm. I like this so much because I get to listen to my iPod. I am not trying to quote Kid Cudi, but the music provides a soundtrack to my life. It makes the walk more entertaining to have music going along with the actions of the people I pass, since I can’t actually hear their conversations. It also allows me to be part of my own world by focusing on my toughts and avoid the chaos going on around campus, especially with the recent construction projects going on at Towson.

Since the night before I had a lot of homework that I left for the last minute, I missed one of my favorite shows, Modern Family. Since I’ve got a short break in between my classes why not snuggle up on my bed with my laptop and check out the latest episode on Hulu. Since I do not feel like watching the advertisement that comes on before the episode starts, I pull up Facebook in a new tab and wait the minute ad out by checking out what’s new on my newsfeed. In just a few short seconds there is already so much going on on my small 12 inch screen.

Today I stumble across a video done by some students from the University of Michigan called the “Pursuit of Jappiness.” Yes that’s correct, “jappiness.” The video is a remake of the Kid Cudi song “Pursuit of Happiness” adding a twist to the song with lyrics that stereotype the Jewish students of Michigan, meaning to be funny and not offensive. I watched the video and later that day while at dinner, a friend mentioned she had just seen that video. The next day I noticed she has posted it on the “wall” of two of her friends on Facebook. Over the next day or so the video popped up on several of my friends Facebooks. It’s amazing how fast the video traveled on the website.

Along with several other Youtube videos, Facebook is also flooded with ads. Websites like Hulu have a fair share of advertisements as well. As annoying as they are the companies need to get paid somehow. You don’t only see the mass amounts of ads online. Any regular cable television show has several minutes of ads per episode. Magazines and newspapers also contribute to the competing market of advertising. The Superbowl is a great example of how important the advertising part of media has become to us.

I monitored the media I was exposed to in two days, and it just seemed ridiculous not only how much was involved in my life, but how much it dictated what I did. The days of activities with limited media are long gone. Media has become the oxygen that keeps our world running. A lot of it shows progress in the world’s communication skills, but there are those annoying ads that start playing without warning when we go to a website on the internet. That type of media, I’m sure a lot of us could of without.


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