How Can Anyone Live Without a Computer?!

Do you think you could survive two days without running into any media? I am going to guess you can’t. In fact, I am going to guess most people wouldn’t even try to take the media out of their lives that they can avoid. I tried my best to go two days without media, butI definitely cheated. I was not willing to give up my phone. I tried to only use it for what I considered “necessary” things like talking to my parents or talking to my friends at school in order to make dinner and gym plans. Ironically, during these two days I dropped my phone in the grass about 100 yards from my dorm. It didn’t take to long for me to realize it was missing, the challenge was figuring where it had gone.

I forced my friends to come along with me and retrace my steps to look for it. Sure enough it was in the grass we had come through in order to get to my dorm, right next to an electronic sign that was flashing some of Towson’s important dates. After feeling relieved about finding my phone, I then realized there was media right in front of me that I really cannot avoid.

For me the hardest part of trying to avoid the media I could was Facebook. I am sure like many college students including myself, some people automatically type in as soon as they get onto a computer. Or while doing homework on the computer it only takes about 5 minutes of boring school work before I find myself checking out new pictures my friends put up or seeing if anyone has commented on my status about how I hate microeconomics work.

The realization and admission of an addiction is not easy for anyone, even if talking about a simple website or phone. However, I am beginning to see just how addicted I am. I know I am not alone, so curiosity drove me to the New York Times. According to Katie Hafner’s article, To Deal With Obsession, Some Defriend Facebook, some high school students have started support groups to help each other stay clear of this addiction. They are also doing things like deactivating accounts and having their friends control passwords in order to break the Facebook habit.

Although, Facebook still has so much to offer. It gives people the ability to share an opinion they have with all their friends or “friends”. Internet videos including those on YouTube can become more popular if someone posts it to their profile whether it’s a new song, clip from a show or movie, or news related. And of course it gives everyone the ability to communicate with their friends. These are only a few of the perks of Facebook, but as a freshman in college communicating with my friends is very important. This website allows to me interact with my friends from high school every day, making the college transition somewhat easier. This raised another question to me, which was what the heck did my parents do while they were in college?

No internet, no Facebook, no YouTube, so what is there to do? Don’t worry there is actually a lot. Without being wrapped up in all these gadgets all the time, any person will have more time communicating face to face with other people. Staying in your dorm room attached to the computer is no way to experience college. Somehow our parents survived without these things, and I survived my two days trying to avoid media. So we have to ask ourselves if we really need all this to get through our daily lives. Anyone my age will think it is hard to live without these things since they have grown and matured with us. As the future promises more impressive gadgets, there is no way we will be able to communicate with the world while avoiding these. However, I am sure every college kid could cut back on the Facebook hours.


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